Go Ahead, Sleep More

sleeping man with alarm clockMost of us are always fighting against time. There are never enough hours in the day OR night, and we are constantly cutting corners to work more and get more done. While being in a constant state of stress is something we know is bad for us, many of us are experiencing stress without knowing it. As much as we’d love to spend days lazing around in bed, we forgo sleep for other things, be it working, studying, partying, or taking care of our families. Thinking we’re gaining more time to do more, we’re unknowingly harming our bodies. Rest is essential for our well-being, and outside of keeping us alert, not enough sleep can lead to some major health problems. Read on to see how you could be harming yourself without being aware of it.


man measuring waistNorth Americans have gotten a lot of backlash for being the most overweight continent. Our poor food choices, low exercise levels, and overall lifestyles are main contributors to the extra fat we’re carrying around. On top of that, not sleeping enough is also a large contributor. Our bodies are wired to require sleep, and when we’re deprived of it, appetite hormones go off balance, causing late-night binges on chips and cookies. Additionally, exercise is the last thing on a sleep-deprived person’s mind, causing fat cells to multiply. Teenagers need about nine hours of sleep a night, and adults, eight. If you’re struggling with losing weight, try sleeping more! Contrary to popular stigmas of too much sleep equalling laziness, it may be just what your body is craving.

Heart Disease:

It may seem unrelated, however heart disease is a large problem, and can be caused by not sleeping enough. Those who don’t sleep their required eight hours a night, or have sleep disorders preventing it from happening are carrying stress hormones around with them. Stress is one of the leading causes of diseases and many of us are constantly in a state of stress. In the long-run, stress is very bad for the heart, causing damaged blood vessels, high blood pressure, and eventually, heart disease. Men are at a greater risk than women for heart disease and sleep apnea. Ensure you’re allowing yourself to de-stress so that you can get your required amount of sleep.


While diabetes is not always life threatening, it can cause many bodily malfunctions and shut downs. Partial sleep loss has been linked to increasing the chances of obesity and diabetes via other instigators. Even after just one night of sleep loss, the body is impaired when attempting to handle and level out glucose. Add this in with late-night binging that occurs from hormone imbalances, and you have yourself a recipe for diabetes. Ensuring you’re not consuming large amounts of sugar or fatty foods is beneficial in keeping your body healthy, but be sure to also get your required amount of sleep. If a night here or there is a loss for you, be sure to consume healthy and fresh foods the next day.

Lack of Attention:

woman sleeping at deskThose of us who skip out on sleep make for a lousy student or employee the next day. Studies show that a lack of sleep results in students performing poorly on tests or assignments, and employees lacking in attention spans and productivity. Additionally, we are prone to irritability when a loss of sleep occurs, making us not very fun to be around. If this repeatedly occurs, it can lead to depression and low outcomes in the classroom and office. Sleeping the right amount will have us energized and motivated to perform well, keeping our serotonin and drive high.

Sleep more and have people asking you what your secret is! You’ll be radiant, healthier and much happier. If you’re experiencing sleep disorders or sleep apnea, contact us for an appointment or consultation. Sweet dreams!

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