Ways to Prevent Sleep Apnea

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If you’re the one of many people suffering from sleep apnea, you know how difficult it can be to feel rested and alert. While treatment is vital in helping you cope, there are ways that you can prevent or help yourself from further risk, and they only require minimal lifestyle changes. We’re always on the lookout for methods to help ourselves live a healthier and happier life, and the tips outlined below will be beneficial in ensuring you’re on the right track.

Weight Loss:
While losing weight is something that is usually much easier said than done for most of us, being active in controlling your weight will give you wondrous improvements to your lifestyle. Those with sleep apnea are more than likely overweight, as the extra tissue that is in the back of your throat tends to relax when you are asleep, causing it to partially block your airway, reducing the flow of air and increasing your snoring. The Harvard Health Blog suggests that even just losing 10% of your bodyweight is enough to have a significant effect on your sleep apnea condition. Of course, losing a drastic amount of weight can also cure the condition. Start with making healthier eating choices and monitoring your weight, and see how it helps not only your sleeping, but also other health problems you may have.

Quit Smoking:
Most of us are well aware of the extremely negative and harmful effects of smoking, however we might not be aware of the effect it has on our sleep. Many smokers suffer from sleep apnea and can’t figure out why. The nicotine that is present in tobacco relaxes the muscles that keep the airway open. Much like those suffering from obesity, the airway to the lungs is partially closed up, making it difficult to breath, and therefore instigating snoring. It also increases inflammation and fluid retention in your throat. Quitting smoking is also much easier said than done, however making the decision to do so can go a long way in helping you sleep better, not to mention drastically improve other areas of your life.

Getting the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise can be critical in removing sleep apnea from your life. Having an active and healthy body is the way to go to get a good night sleep and help ease sleep apnea. Anything from working out at the gym, yoga, or even just a brisk walk will be beneficial to your overall health and happiness.

Avoiding Alcohol, Sedatives, and Sleeping Pills:
Alcohol or any sort of heavy medications have the same affect on your sleep as smoking and being overweight do. That same tissue and muscle at the back of your throat becomes relaxed, closing up that airway and preventing you from having a normal sleep breathing pattern. If you are going to be drinking, aim to not have any drinks within 2 hours from when you will be going to bed. This is a helpful practice in ensuring you can enjoy your time out, but still have a sound sleep.

Stick to a Bedtime:
Maintaining a regular daily sleeping schedule will help your body get into a routine and automatically remember when it’s time to sleep. Your body will relax and not fight to stay awake, allowing you to drift into unobstructed sleep. Weekends can get difficult with social plans, but during the week, aim to hit the hay the same time every night for best results.

Ensuring you’re doing the most you can with at-home remedies can go a long way in preventing sleep apnea. Contact us with any questions, or to book a free consultation.

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